Working as a Financial Services Apprentice on the Isle of Skye

As part of  Lloyds Banking Group, the Bank of Scotland is one of Britain’s leading banks that serves approximately 27 million customers and offers apprenticeships in financial services, digital technology and professional services. Based on the Isle of Skye, we caught up with Connor Mariner who has completed his Financial Services apprenticeship and is enjoying being qualified.

What inspired you to enrol on your apprenticeship programme with this particular company?

‘I wanted to excel in my role as much as possible and, furthermore, I wanted to take advantage of any extra opportunities given to me within the bank.’

What qualifications did you require to enrol on your apprenticeship programme?

‘I required Intermediate 2 qualifications in Maths, English and IT. The personal qualities the company tend to look for are good people skills, good problem solving, good communication, flexibility and willingness to learn.’

What are the benefits of being an apprentice at your company?

‘The benefits and perks of being an apprentice at my company are vast. Examples include: continued learning and improvement, part of a strong, supportive team, real-time coaching and strong development, lots of room for career development, the chance every day to help people and make your customers better off.’

Describe a daily day as an apprentice at your company?

‘Working a daily day as an apprentice with Bank of Scotland can involve many different tasks. Examples include operating a sterling till (processing deposits/withdrawals for customers as well as bill payments). More would include helping customers with problems regarding their accounts, helping with their internet banking, opening accounts for customers and servicing accounts.’ 

‘Work could also include managing our “High Cash” which consists of maintaining the branch bulk stock of money, taking care of money coming into the bank as well as money leaving the bank.’ 

‘You may end up servicing our two ATMs, keeping them topped up and working.’ 

‘My favourite task in the bank would be going out on the mobile bank van travelling around the island to help people do their banking.’

What advice would you give to other young people wanting to enrol on an apprenticeship programme?

‘My advice would be to take full advantage of the opportunity! You learn so much as a result and it certainly increased my confidence.’

Senior Bank Manager, Fiona Stewart is a huge advocate of apprenticeship schemes as she commented:

‘I fully support any colleague who wishes to follow the Apprenticeship programme. It is a great opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst also working. From a management point of view colleagues tend to be more driven, pro-active and confident if they are involved in the programme with a clear career path for progression. This benefits both the individual and the business.’

Many thanks to Connor for sharing his apprenticeship journey and to Fiona for giving an employers’ perspective on taking on apprentices! If you would like to find out about apprenticeship opportunities: FoundationModern or Graduate, or are a business thinking of taking on an apprentice a FoundationModern or Graduate, please get in touch with your local DYW West Highland team on: / 01397 705 765 / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram