Tree of Knowledge Helping to Inspire the World

A very fun and inspiring day was had at Mallaig High School, with Colin Douglas from the Tree of Knowledge leading the day. Colin worked with the pupils to encourage, motivate and empower them to fulfil their future dreams. The workshop was done in a relaxed environment through good humour, motivational speaking and team building exercises. Our friends from Skills Development Scotland, Donna McEwan and Louise Oliver, also took part in the day; who knew that team work could be so much fun? The Tree of Knowledge have a knack of highly motivating people in an entertaining way, they use the vehicle of fun and laughter backed up with science from experts in their field – so that people can achieve their full potential.

Pupil, Kathryn Fairley, said: “The Tree of Knowledge were really entertaining, inspiring and motivating and I feel that I learnt a lot.”

Deputy Head Teacher, Pamela Watt, said: “The feedback from all the pupils was very positive, pupils found it entertaining and challenging. I look forward to a return visit from the TOK team.”

The feedback from everyone was super positive, and the photos from the day speak for itself….

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