Spean Bridge Primary School students take the Chocolate Enterprise Challenge

We were delighted to be invited to meet and work with the budding entrepreneurs of Spean Bridge’s Primary 5 to 7s, as part of their Enterprise Week.  Over 40 pupils took part in a Business Planning workshop that was anything but dry and boring.  Inspiration, innovation and enthusiasm flowed as the pupils planned their chocolate bar manufacturing companies during their workshop.

Inspiring Leadership

The pupils showed great entrepreneurial vision and forward planning as they linked their product ideas, manufacturing costs, customer focus and marketing ideas into building winning Business Plans.  The pupils selected a Leader to pop on the purple ‘Leader Sash’ to represent their group for each task and they delved into the role enthusiastically: leading their team, ensuring clear communication, and enabling teamwork during their task.  When Abba’s ‘Money, Money, Money’ filled the room, the pupils stopped what they were doing and swapped over the sash to another team member, ensuring all pupils had a chance to take on the role of Leader and build on their growing enterprise skills.

Tough Judging

It was clear that the pupils had worked incredibly hard and learnt a great deal during their Enterprise Week.  When we took the entries back to the office to be judged by our very own Programme Manager, Douglas Ormiston, he was amazed and delighted at the standard of the Business Plans the pupils submitted and it was a touch job to pick the winners.

Celebrating Success

We were delighted to return to the school just a few days later to announce the winners and runners-up from each class and celebrate the success of all the pupils who took part.  Their dedication and commitment to building their mini businesses is a credit to them all and to the school.  Well done everyone who took part!

Having proved that the template and format were a success, we plan to make the workshop  available to schools. 

For more information and opportunities for school and employers – contact your local DYW West Highland team on: 01397 705 765 or email info@dywwesthighland.org