School Work Experience Placements More than Double

Since Developing the Young Workforce West Highland started supporting The Highland Council with work experience throughout the West Highlands in April 2017; opportunities have more than doubled on Hi-Hope. The lack of meaningful work experience is the primary reason employers turn young job applicants away. In response to this, as part of the national Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) agenda, along with The Highland Council, Secondary Schools and Colleges, DYW West Highland are working to support and increase work-related learning opportunities for young people through employer engagement. Although this increase is a massive step forward, work experience remains a critical part of learning for young people and opportunities still need to be increased dramatically in a variety of sectors to meet the demands from education. Feedback from education for increased work placements, includes but is not limited to: engineering, construction, rural skills, administration, aquaculture, tourism, hospitality, health and social care.

Offering work experience to young people comes in various forms and there are many ways that employers can help schools and colleges, in the local area. Whether it is a work placement for a pupil at a time that in convenient for you, providing mock interviews, sector talks in schools or site visits to your business, employer engagement can help to increase self-esteem and social confidence. It also enhances awareness of what careers are available locally and teaches the skillsets required from young people so that they can contribute effectively within industry.

For a free work placement assessment, or for any other opportunities for positive PR for your business through education engagement – contact your friendly DYW West Highland team on: 01397 705 765 or who will be happy to help you.