Ready, Steady, Interview – The STAR Method

Our Programme Coordinator, Gena MacLean, explains the benefits of the STAR Method and how by using it has helped her in the past ease her nerves before an interview.

So, do you get nervous before an interview?

Of Course! Most people I believe, will feel nervous before doing an interview but there are ways of making the process a little bit easier. Job candidates can feel nervous, especially when it comes to answering tough interview questions and as a result, may speak too quickly or too much which can spoil a good answer.

Would you recommend a specific technique?

If job candidates are very nervous at interviews, I would highly recommend using the STAR technique for giving interview answers structure as this makes it easier for the interview panel to follow and can take some of the pressure off a worried candidate.

S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action
R – Result

This format can be used when answering multiple interview questions!

An example of an interview question might be “Name a time when you successfully worked as a part of a team.” Through using the STAR technique, candidates would first talk about the situation where they were required to work as part of a team. The situation could be that young people had to work on a school project and therefore were put into teams to complete the task. Candidates would then talk about the task next, so that would involve telling the panel about the school project and how tasks were delegated and shared within the team.

After briefly setting the scene, the candidate should then describe the actions taken to complete the task which was the school project. An example of a description could be that the workload was equally shared amongst team members with each person working on a different part of the project. Finally, to summarise and answer the question, the applicant should describe the results of working successfully as part of a team which could include all team members receiving a high grade for the school project. It is always good practice as well to finish off your answer on a positive note, such as stating that you really enjoyed working with your fellow team members and what you learned from the experience.

Does practice make perfect?

Practice does indeed make perfect! If job candidates know of an upcoming interview, I highly recommend thinking of some likely interview questions and formulating answers to them using the STAR technique. Preparation will help to ease candidate nerves and even if different questions are asked, the STAR principle can still be used to structure good answers.

Now it’s over to you to have a go and reach for the stars!



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