Portree High School Students Enjoy a Visit from Farrier Heather Brennan!

S3 technology students were thrilled to receive a talk and demonstration about blacksmith and farrier skills from Heather Brennan.

Learning the Tricks of the Trade

Pupils were in awe as Heather showcased her extensive range of skills by first of all, showing them how to make a horse shoe, explaining all the skills, technicalities and requirements at the same time. This was followed by pupils being shown how metal can be used to create other useful items as Heather let pupils see her portfolio of work which included the making of fire irons, fantastic sculptures and various tools.

Growing and Developing New Skills

This highly interactive, fun and informative workshop demonstration was a huge success and was useful for encouraging students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills as Heather remained with the S3 pupils to do a metal workshop. The project was supported by DYW West Highland and we are delighted to learn that all five participating students have continued to study technical related subjects which is good for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) promotion. Well done to everyone involved!

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