Plockton High School Pupils Learn about RAF Opportunities

As part of the DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) programme, young people learn about different work sectors and career paths. Last week, before the October holiday break, six S4 pupils were fortunate to receive a talk by visiting pilot, Flight Lieutenant Richard Stinson who spoke to them about his RAF (Royal Air Force) career and the opportunities for young people in this line of work.

An Insight into the RAF

Delivering an incredible presentation to the pupils, Lieutenant Richard spoke about life in the RAF, careers and benefits and what is involved when applying for different roles. It was emphasised that the RAF is an organisation where applicants can make friends for life, have access to housing wherever they are based and is a place where transferable skills can be learned.

Careers in the RAF are both varied and exciting as some roles are not your average nine to five schedule with some employees being called out to a mission late at night. Young people can apply for many roles such as nursing, chef work or pilot training. There is also an opportunity to join the RAF band as talented musicians are often sought to play at state functions and dog handlers are required to help seek out illegal substances.

Pupils were also informed about the application process and how this is a strict procedure which entails a series of challenging fitness and mental agility tests. There are different qualifications required depending on what job is applied for with the RAF.

Useful Resources

School sector talks such as these are highly useful as pupils can speak directly to visiting employers and access all the information needed to apply to opportunities at an organisation. A keenly interested pupil got all the information, advice and support needed from the Lieutenant regarding a career in dog handling whilst another was interested in potential music careers. All students received a useful careers pack to use as a valuable information source if they were considering a RAF career.

On behalf of all the students, we would like to thank Lieutenant Richard Stinson for his time and fantastic presentation!


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