Masterchef winner inspires Portree High School Pupils

Over 130 pupils from Portree High School attended Gary Maclean’s Chef’s theatre at the Spirit of Skye Festival.

The Masterchef: The Professionals winner demonstrated how to make homemade pasta and pesto, with fresh Isle of Skye langoustines and scallops and a light sprinkling of salt from the Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company.

Gary promoted the various exciting opportunities available through the hospitality industry, providing first-hand experience of how his career has opened doors for him throughout the world. This was followed by a vibrant question and answer session from enthusiastic pupils. Gary also spoke about how he followed his childhood dream of becoming a chef, and he encouraged Portree High School students to do the same.

Colleen MacLean, Principal Programme Coordinator, DYW West Highland, said: “It was fantastic to have Gary MacLean schedule time to engage with pupils from Portree High School, and for him to convey the variety of local and global opportunities that are available within the hospitality industry. I would encourage all individuals to engage with young people to achieve their potential and gain the skills and confidence needed for the future.

Auto DraftThe Masterchef: The Professionals winner, Gary MacLean, promoting the hospitality industry to Portree High School pupils.

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