Lights, Camera & Action for Plockton High School Students!

This exciting opportunity, supported by DYW West Highland, gave students the chance to access valuable ‘in-house’ work experience within film making.

A Unique Opportunity

Working alongside an experienced film maker, five pupils from S1,S2,S3 and 4 had the chance to make their own version of film trailers based on their favourite movies. Students, therefore scripted and storyboarded their own ideas before appearing in front of and behind the camera.

Developing Transferable Skills

This experience was not only fun for the pupils but also encouraged them to develop transferable skills which will be useful to them when entering the workplace as creativity, problem solving, team working, technical and communication skills were required to complete the week-long project.  At the end of the project, pupils had the chance to showcase their work and invited guests along to their film “premier” to view their finished work.

As students grow in confidence as a result of developing their skill base this can help to make the transition from education to the workplace a little easier. After all, the sky really is the limit when it comes to reaching your full potential!

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