Kinlochleven High School: Tenner Challenge

The Kinlochleven High School business class pupils have signed up to Young Enterprise’s FREETenner Challenge’. The basic concept is that pupils are given £10 to set up a business which they have to run for one month. The challenge is to make as much profit as possible from the £10 given to each team. Teams are responsible for sourcing their own materials, preparing their sales pitches and selling their product at events.  This year Young Enterprise are enabling schools to connect with a local entrepreneur who can speak about the process of running a business.

DYW West Highland were delighted to help by inviting local entrepreneurs Craig and Noru Innes to share their entrepreneurial spirit (no pun intended) with S3 business pupils at Kinlochleven High School. Craig and Noru spoke to the pupils about their varied careers – highlighting that there is ‘No Wrong Path’; Craig is a graduate in Geography and Noru’s background was in graphic design and marketing. Following a keen interest in the hospitality industry, after they both worked in hotels in Rome, they both now run their own businesses. The lovely couple now successfully run both the Loch Leven Hotel and their very own gin company called ‘Pixel Spirits’.

Craig and Noru shared lots of ideas with the pupils to get them on the road to running their business. Ideas snowballed from: homemade baking, car washing, photography, knitting and selling phone cases. Craig and Noru plan to check back in with the pupils at the end of this month to see how they got on.

For more information regarding how businesses and education can get involved with DYW activities, please contact the DYW West Highland team on: or 01397 705 765