Celebrating International Women’s Day, 8th March 2018!


Since it’s inception in 1910, International Women’s Day has been about celebrating the inspirational successes of women around the world and to keep pushing for further gender parity. International Women’s Day has grown over more than a hundred years, more recently following a theme every year. This year the theme is all about empowering us to #PressforProgress.

Amazing positive steps are being made by inspirational people all around the world every day, but #PressforProgress asks us to keep on pushing to end gender inequality in all fields and ensure equality and continued progress.

Our very own Colleen MacLean, was invited onto Esme Leitch’s, Nevis Radio show  as part of their celebration of International Women’s Day. Colleen talked about the many inspirational women in our area, some of which she had met during Scottish Apprenticeship Week events, also running this week. Colleen further promoted the importance of women in STEM roles, particularly technology and engineering and the fantastic opportunities available locally in these fields.

There are many recognised women in STEM roles throughout history. To name just two: Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), who is celebrated as developing the first computer programmes (meaning that without her, you wouldn’t be reading this!) and Grace Hopper (1906-1992), who created the ‘compiler’ which then became the language of computers, allowing computer software as we now know it, to be created. However, despite the incredible work of these amazing female mathematicians, engineers and scientists, women in STEM roles are still under-represented.

The encouraging news is that we can all work to keep making a difference moving towards gender parity in all areas. For more details, International Women’s Day have a huge set of resources providing a wealth of information. The videos in particular caught our eye, particularly, the ‘How do you press for progress?’ selection. Have a wee look to see how you can #PressforProgress.

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