Inspiring Industry Tours from BSW Timber Ltd & The Underwater Centre

Recently, we organised several industry tours for young people to provide them with an insight to the business environment, career pathways, the world of work and opportunities that are available across a variety of sectors on their own doorstep. Two of the recent trips included S3 pupils from Lochaber High School visiting both BSW Timber Ltd and The Underwater Centre in Fort William, to enhance their knowledge of the businesses.

Ewen Smith, Engineering Manager, BSW Timber Ltd, said after the site tour: “As the Fort William Sawmill continues to develop, so does our requirement for highly skilled engineers. To meet this need, in recent years BSW Timber has recruited a significant number of apprentices in various engineering disciplines. To ensure that we attract the best young people, building strong partnerships with DYW and Lochaber High School is essential. With their help, we have been able to attract the right calibre of candidates for our apprenticeships from the local area.”

Inspiring Industry Tours from BSW Timber Ltd & The Underwater CentreBSW

Steve Ham, Commercial Director, The Underwater Centre, said after the visit: “We were delighted to be able to show the group of pupils from Lochaber High School around The Underwater Centre today. We train commercial divers and ROV pilots from around the world so as well as giving the group a tour of the facility, we were able to explain the wide range of careers and opportunities that these professions offer. The pupils were a really engaged group and asked lots of intelligent questions – they were a pleasure to show around.”

Inspiring Industry Tours from BSW Timber Ltd & The Underwater Centre 1The Underwater Centre

The teachers, pupils and Skills Development Scotland were also enthusiastic in their praise for their visits to these local employers. Many were unaware of the extent of what goes on in the most technologically advanced forest product company in the UK, and the world’s leading subsea training facility.

Support to DYW from local businesses really helps to highlight their commitment to bringing through the youth of our area to the workplace. In addition, businesses play a key role in promoting the West Highlands as desirable place to live, study, train and work.

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