Workplace Visits


  • Would you like more young people to know how your industry works? Why not offer work place visits that show the fantastic opportunities available within your organisation?
  • Supporting workplace visits means that you can provide young people with the opportunity to see how the various departments of your organisation operate, giving them insight into how your business works and, maybe, creating that ‘lightbulb moment’ that inspires them.
  • There are many benefits for you, as employer, for providing workplace visits. Employers who employ young people see the benefits with tackling skills gaps and an ageing workforce. For many businesses young people who are enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills are a real asset.
  • Workplace visits often result in a young person wanting to do a work placement with your organisation which will further feed their thirst for knowledge about what you do and what opportunities are available.
  • Initially you will be offering a young person a tour of your organisation but eventually you may be offering them employment.

Young People

  • If you are particularly interested in a certain industry, then a work place tour is a great way to find out how it works and what opportunities are available.
  • A work place tour also gives you the opportunity to speak with people who work in that industry, develop an understanding of what certain roles entail and gain an insight in to the number of different roles that exist within that industry. You will also be able to identify what skills you possess that translate to the working environment.
  • There is no better way to understand how an organisation works than to see it for yourself.

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