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For employers

As part of the national Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) agenda, along with The Highland Council, Secondary Schools and Colleges, we are working to develop and increase work-related learning opportunities for young people through employer engagement.

By providing work experience, businesses can provide valuable insight and knowledge for young people in what it means to be employed. In order to be part of the Work Experience programme in the West Highlands, you’ll need to be assessed by a qualified workplace assessor. This process is straightforward and, typically, takes little more than an hour. We’ll arrange for our assessor to visit you at a time that is convenient for you. Once that’s done, details of the work experience opportunities you are offering will be uploaded onto Hi-Hope; an online directory facilitated by The Highland Council for young people. This can be viewed by schools, young people and parents. You are free to offer work experience relating to any part, or parts, of your business.

What are the benefits to your business?

Businesses taking part in Work Experience benefit in numerous ways. Many businesses view giving something back to their local community as a valuable part of their corporate social responsibility. In addition to this, research has shown that for many employees, being involved in work experience improves job satisfaction. Participating in Work Experience represents a ‘good news’ PR opportunity for many businesses. It can also be a handy recruitment mechanism, with many businesses taking on young people who have attended work experience with them. This can result in reduced risk and cost for Human Resources.

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For Young People

Choose work experience.

Why should you go on work experience? For the majority of employers who are choosing to employ someone new, grades are important, but so are other things like; honesty, punctuality, working as part of a team, being safe in the workplace and getting tasks done, on time. Work experience – any work experience – can help you to get a feel for some valuable skills like safety at work, why punctuality and honesty are valued by employers and why working as part of a team to meet targets and deadlines are important. You might even find that you really like the work experience and you end up changing your initial plans of being a lion tamer to being an electrician. That being said, there aren’t many jobs going for lion tamers, so maybe opting for something where there are more employment opportunities, and fewer risks of being eaten is a good plan.

Whilst any work experience has some value, work experience that involves doing something you’re interested in as a career can provide you with all of the valuable skills we mentioned earlier. This included things like safety, punctuality and honesty, but can also let you see and experience what doing the job is like, within reason. It is unlikely that, say you fancy being a brain surgeon, that you’ll get to poke about inside someone’s head on your work experience.

Work experience opportunities can be found on the website, so speak to your Guidance Teacher in your school about what’s available. If there’s nothing on there that you fancy, tell us what you do fancy doing, and we’ll try and find something for you.

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Introducing students to the world of work can help them understand the work environment, choose future careers or prepare them for employment. It can take the form of a short, or longer placement with an employer where they will have the opportunity to observe and practice work tasks. Work experience opportunities in the West Highlands are delivered through Highland Council’s online resource Hi-Hope and is supported by DYW West Highland.

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