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When you were young, did you know want you wanted to do when you left education? Could some mentoring by industry professionals have helped you? Most of us have had a teacher, supervisor, family member or friend, who has been a mentor to us and made a positive difference in our lives. Those people wore many hats and effectively acted as role models, to help us recognise our full potential and achieve our goals.

Mentoring comes in various forms and there are so many ways you could help a variety of people in your local area, to motivate, guide and assist them to support their aspirations of where they want to be in life: whether it is to increase self-esteem and social confidence or help provide that light bulb moment that encourages a young person into seeking a positive destination after they leave education.

How could you help inspire a new generation of positive role models?

  • Link yourself and your professional experience with your local school.
  • Support individuals with ideas and thought leadership.
  • Help create opportunities for young people with shadowing experiences and attendance at networking/ corporate events.
  • Share your professional network of contacts with young people.
  • Invite young aspiring adults to: speaking engagements, attend meetings or shadowing experiences, let them speak to your colleagues to help you to develop your projects, ideas and leadership skills.

Benefits of mentoring?

  • The social and corporate benefits of being involved with helping to develop better skillsets for young people.
  • Raise awareness of your business with the future generation, to effectively help reduce your HR costs – in your long-term business strategy.
  • DYW West Highland will report your efforts in a series of ‘good news’ positive PR press releases and social media updates.
  • Share your passion, as well as your professional and personal experiences. It will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience, and increase your job satisfaction.
  • Frame your ideas and ideals as a business to young people; instil your ethos to fit with your corporate strategy.
  • Meet young people to help fast-track them into your business and get your brand name out there.
  • There may be additional opportunities depending on your interests.

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