Gairloch High students enjoy their week at Loch Eil Outward Bound

In conjunction with The Outward-Bound Trust, DYW WH supported a five day residential stay at Loch Eil Outward Bound for high school students. Gairloch High School welcomed this opportunity and twenty-two S3 students enjoyed five days of work preparation activities.

A Chance to Grow and Develop

Residential stays at an Outward-Bound centre can be highly beneficial for personal growth and development as pupils learned the value of teamwork, peer support and leadership skills when completing challenging activities. Employers will often use such courses to enhance the skills sets and productivity of employees. During their stay, Gairloch High students took part in canoeing, rock climbing, an overnight camping expedition and swimming.
At the end of five days, pupils participated in a self-reflection exercise where they stated that they felt closer to their team mates and more confident as a result of the experience. Pupils felt that their ability to work effectively as part of a team had been enhanced as well as their leadership skills and levels of self-belief.

Pupil, Charlotte, said: “It was a really great experience and we had a lot of fun during the week. I feel I have become closer to my classmates and that I have learned how to work better as part of a team.”

Pupil, Katy, said: “I feel more confident after the trip. The instructors gave us some guidance, but we worked mostly as a team on our own to complete activities. We helped classmates who were finding it hard.”

The Finishing Touches

On the final day, pupils were issued with an achievement certificate and in groups presented to their colleagues regarding their experiences at the centre. The five day course is useful as each pupil can take the certificate along to an interview and any transferable skills learned such as teamworking, leadership, planning and presentation skills can be used in the workplace and are highly valued by employers. A huge congratulations goes to all the pupils who showed resilience and determination to get through a challenging five days and gain a certificate at the end!

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