DYW West Highland Presents at Skye Connect

Earlier, this month, we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Skye Connect’s networking event, “Skye on a Plate”, which is a large scale gathering that businesses, schools and anyone can attend to share ideas, network and discuss new horizons for local communities.

Sharing Ideas: DYW WH Presentation

As the event’s specific focus was networking, our Programme Coordinator, Lesley Hellon seized a wonderful opportunity and delivered a presentation to businesses regarding the aims and objectives of the DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) West Highland programme. Lesley spoke in detail about how businesses can help to develop young people through connecting with the local high schools and teachers as activities such as: mock interviews, industry tours, work experience and employer school sector talks can build skills and create knowledge of local employment opportunities. As a recent, HIE (Highlands and Islands Enterprise) report has found that more young people are choosing to live, work and study in the Highlands, it is important that businesses continue to work closely with young people to create opportunities that allow young talent, skill and potential to thrive.

As Skye Connect is a large scale, idea sharing event, we also had the pleasure of listening to presentations delivered by John Murray, Highland Regional Manager of Scotland Food and Drink, Patrick Hughes, Head of Seafood Scotland, The Scottish Agricultural College, and Sara Bruce from West Highland College UHI . John Coghill from Skye Connect remarked:

“Bringing people together for events like “Skye on a Plate” can only help to make our local businesses, schools and communities be more connected.”

Valuable Work Experience

We also arranged for four S4 Portree High School students to attend to gain valuable work experience in setting up business events, changing room settings and serving refreshments such as canapés giving them an idea of what event management and hospitality involves. In order to set up large events such as these, students would have learned essential team working, forward planning, customer service and people skills which can then be applied to other workplace settings and tasks.

The Collecting of Saltire Awards

Congratulations to the students who were also presented with Saltire Awards at the event for their commitment to volunteering.  The Saltire Awards reward the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland, aged between 12 and 25 so a well done goes to Hannah Buchan, Jocelyn Galbraith, Fraser Lamont and Liam Ambrose from Portree High School. Commitments to volunteering look great on CVs, college, university and job applications as the candidate stands out as someone who is willing to spend their spare time helping others, gaining valuable skills at the same time that can be applied to a workplace setting, building youth confidence and experience.

We look forward to another great event such as this next year!

For more information regarding how to get involved with DYW West Highland, contact the team on: [email protected] / 01397 705 765 / Facebook / Twitter or call in and see us in the office at 15 High Street, Fort William, PH33 6DH