How can DYW Help Employers?

Employers involved in supporting Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) can access significant benefits, whether by providing work experience, mentoring, giving talks and presentations to schools or inviting young people to tour your business and learn about what you do.

For many businesses, social responsibility and being seen as being part of, and giving back to, their local communities is enough benefit, but, there are numerous tangible benefits for your business, beyond ‘doing the right thing’.

Working with DYW offers businesses ‘good news’ PR exposure for participants. This has knock on impacts on perception of your business by your team and the wider public. The DYW West Highland team will work with you to create and distribute positive press releases and social media coverage.

Recruiting young people has been shown to increase commitment and loyalty, meaning that they are more likely to stay with your business, which helps maintain productivity and reduce recruitment costs. Many businesses use being involved with DYW and its predecessors as a ‘long lead’ recruitment tool. It’s a chance to market your business to the future workforce and get access to the up and coming talent of the future.

For more information and opportunities for you – contact your local DYW West Highland team on: 01397 705 765 or email